In The Between


In the Between
(ruminations on Buddhism)

The Turtle and the Crane – Frederick Rzewski
Twilight Language* – David Rosenboom
In the Between* – Sean Heim
And the Earth Shall Bear – John Cage
Prelude to Meditation – John Cage
Incarnation II – Somei Satoh

“…Twilight Language is a stunning exploration of the pianistic language. Right from the start, Ray produced an aura of awe, hitting a gong to set the mood, rippling across the keyboard to take listeners into another world and producing all manner of wondrous effects. A marvelous percussive dance-like section was played while the strings of the piano were damped. Ravishing waves of otherworldly harmonics sounded like Debussy in the clouds. The piece lasted 15 mintes and, in the very best, time-stopping sense, seemed much longer. Ray’s performance was mind-bending.”
(Mark Swed, LA Times 2/8/06)