The Harawi Project


The Harawi Project
(piano, soprano and video)

Harawi – Olivier Messiaen
Elissa Johnston, soprano
Vicki Ray, piano
Lars Jan, video artist

“For the Piano Spheres season finale, pianist Vicki Ray and soprano Elissa Johnston gave a haunting and beautiful account of Messiaen’s hour-long song cycle, “Harawi.” Ray and Johnston were so inside these 12 songs, written by Messiaen after Peruvian folksongs, that their performance of this profound meditation on love and death reached an almost cosmic scale. Johnston’s dramatic flexibility and wide vocal range, along with Ray’s imaginative and near-hypnotic collaboration on piano made these songs of fatal love irresistible. It was a fittingly powerful end to a Piano Spheres season full of wonders.”
(Rick Schultz, LA Times critic 4/29/10)