Vicki Ray Electric


Vic Ray Electric
(piano and electronics)

Due (Cinta)mani* – Eric Chasalow
awhirl* – Rand Steiger
The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory – Annie Gosfield
Bad Times Coming* – Shaun Naidoo
Young American Inventions – Steven Ricks
The Body of Your Dreams – Jacob ter Veldhuis
From Voices and Piano – Peter Ablinger
Belgo* – Amy Knoles
Foret Mecanique – Daniel Wohl
Orizzonte – Missy Mazzoli
Credo* – Shaun Naidoo
The Other Piano* – Morton Subotnick
my lips from speaking – Julia Wolfe
EncontrodesEncontro – Jocy DeOliveira

“At the season’s final “PianoSpheres” concert Vicki Ray’s program ended with Subotnick’s The Other Piano, a piece for piano with surround-sound processing. Vicki played while Mort, at his laptop, captured her notes and formed harmonies that floated through the hall. The music was mostly slow and dreamlike….We sitting there, floated, surrounded, inside the sound. Talk about your magic.”
(Alan Rich, LA Weekly, 5/17/07)